Self-care is an overall health practice in which you have to make personal efforts to stay healthy and make healthy choices. It means intentionally creating time and choosing to do things that are very crucial for your health. Being a workaholic or being underpaid is not an excuse not to make an effort towards self-care. You have the ability to live a very long life without being ill if you understand self-care practices. Self-care is categorised into five zones and they are;

  • Physical self-care
  • Psychological self-care
  • Spiritual self-care
  • Emotional self-care
  • Social self-care

One does not work well without the other, and you can avoid a lifestyle that is not beneficial or that is hazardous for you by practising self-care. Self-care may sound selfish, but it is simply a way of adding value to your life and it is nonnegotiable. You can not add value to other people when you have no value for yourself.

What you need to always look out for

  • Stress; It is a warning sign that you need step outside for a while, and reboot.
  • Hungry; It is a sign that you must reload without hesitation.
  • Mood swing; Just get social, talk to someone, and vent out.

Even though self-care practices have limitations, and can be influenced by many things, the decisions you make for your health determines your well being. If you are able to listen, monitor and recognise changes in your body as well as your life, then you are one step into the self-care lifestyle. Otherwise, you can start by eating the sufficient amount of food and water that is recommended for your health. You must also understand why you need a self-caring lifestyle and apply the basics daily. You are probably not practising right now because you don’t even know you need it.