The “family” is a tool for physical activity, and just like you do with routine medicine, you can schedule a time for the family to exercise daily. To inculcate physical activities into the lives of the family members and to achieve fitness in the family does not necessarily mean visiting the gym together each day. Inactivity has been known to contribute to obesity in children and to produce sluggish adults. One of the benefits of regular exercise is to help children learn to manage their weight, stay physically fit and reduce health associated risks. They are less likely to have any illnesses and disabilities like diabetes, heart disease, certain cancer types and high blood pressure.

You can convert your family TV and relaxation time to play time, and inside time to outside time. Even at night, there are things you can do in the dark with a torch like taking a night walk. Seize every opportunity to play with kids outside the house and for most kids, playing at night time have become an adventure of sorts. Walking and bicycling should become the main means of transport for going to work, school and even running errands instead of the car. Every member of the family should engage in chores from time to time, and these chores should integrate naturally with the social calendar of the family.

Items like tennis rackets, jump ropes, fitness items and sports equipment that can promote physical activity can be used as birthday gifts for your family members. When exercises are properly chosen, like age-appropriate ones, and practised properly, such that children can play without being exposed to injuries, everyone can enjoy an elevated state of mind and well-being. Families shouldn’t go past any weekend or holiday without an active outing like swimming, rock climbing and ice skating should be practised.