Busy work schedule makes it difficult for most people to take a vacation or even find the time to sneak out to the doctor’s office. Sometimes, they wait until they’re bedridden to seek medical attention. They seem to forget that feeling fine does not translates into being completely sound, and also people are not always good at dictating symptoms, especially when they are healthy. A doctor is always there to provide personal and comprehensive health care, and their job includes helping people prevent illnesses, promote wellness, as well as manage and cure illnesses. This is the reason why everyone needs a doctor, whether you choose to visit a family physician or just a random doctor. A family physician can be the most suitable person to visit for most health related issues, except when it’s an emergency, then you have to use the emergency room. The emergency room should not be the primary source of care, the family doctor should be.

Why the family needs a doctor

  • Seeing a doctor regularly can help you grow a doctor/patient relationship. This means they can keep a record of your health history which is usually difficult to track when you are seeing a doctor for the first time. A family doctor is someone who has a good knowledge of your medical history and therefore, can work with it to create a healthy lifestyle for you.
  • They have probably seen multiple generations of your family, so they will let you know if you are at risk of any family or genetic diseases and what you need to do to lower the risks.
  • A regular visit to the doctor will help you monitor basic vital signs and health markers like heart rate and blood pressure, and to identify warning signs for any mental issues. Doctors also manage chronic and acute conditions which may include diabetes and arthritis.